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Focus On...Customer Data

Tools and Strategies for Data Monetization

Focus On...Customer Data

Tools and Strategies for Data Monetization

Data is the differentiator that will make the difference between companies who thrive in uncertainty and ones who flounder amidst challenging macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions. In order to successfully deploy customer experience and personalization technologies like a customer data platform (CDP), you must have clean customer data to feed into it. Check back here for all the up-to-the-date news on customer data, data management, and data monetization.

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Focus On...Instagram Threads

Threads Threatens Twitter

Focus On...Instagram Threads

Threads Threatens Twitter

Linking the launch of the Threads to Instagram gave users a shortcut to the hardest part of going social: building a network. Slate called this a killer feature that might bury Twitter. Reportedly hitting 4 million users within hours and 30 million within 24 hours, the app was heralded by many outlets as The Fastest Growing App Ever. But, will people keep using it? And, will there be room for marketers on the platform?

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Focus On...GA4 Launch

Google Launches New Analytics

Focus On...GA4 Launch

Google Launches New Analytics

Well, they did it. After running the most popular web analytics platform for years, Google pulled the plug on Universal Analytics and is forcing everybody into the upgrade to GA4. Are people happy? Not by a long shot. An article on Martech is blunt: "people hate the UI...basic reports are unavailable...why can we not annotate?" Search Engine Land points people to 9 training courses. And the Grow and Convert blog shows you how to set up conversions.

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John Mueller, Google Search Advocate

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Julia McCoy, Content Hacker

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